Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Unemployed and in DC

I moved back to DC about a month ago and since then have been trying to figure out what to do with myself. Clearly, it has not been blogging. Anyway, some news--I got into the University of Hawaii at Manoa and am going to be studying with Les Watling (a very prominent deep sea coral researcher). I'm very excited (although a little terrified too).
The other day my dad was talking about whether the opposite of "disgruntled" is "gruntled." Then I was talking to someone who said why would you want extra "viganza?" And yesterday I was wondering about extraordinary--why is being very ordinary a good thing? Words are confusing. This is what I do with my free time...I go to the gym and think about the English language.
I need a job. I need money and I need to regain my sanity. Even with doing nothing, I feel like the days pass too quickly and I can't get anything done. Somehow when I have a job, I never feel like that.
I've been doing some artwork though. I think I will post it.