Wednesday, December 1, 2010

False alarm

Last night, my housemate bought a Christmas tree and we all decorated it together :) It was lovely. One stipulation made before the decorating was that each of us was to arrive with an ornament. Having no money nor desire to go to the store and pick out a tacky ornament, I made my own. You can see the results below. I collected little things from around Coconut and put them into my favorite little glass vials. The pictures with the flash were a happy accident. A friend saw them today and said--'Oh, I can tell your mom is an artist,' which I found to be very flattering.

The false alarm referenced in the title of this post is in regards to my eggs. I thought today might be the day for them to hatch (it has been exactly one month). I received a phone call from a friend on the island who said she had seen some small things that appeared to be octopus babies. However, when I arrived, I saw no octopus babies :( I think she may have confused some waterbugs with the octos, and I don't blame her; these little guys are hard to see. I will let you know when they do hatch, and will post photos (I promise this time). Here is my mama octopus fiercely protecting her babies.

And look at this! Kasie and I are going to finally make our science show! Look how awesome it is. And, go to our youtube channel to check when we post new vids :)