Wednesday, April 21, 2010

this one is a little different from the last video :)

Second Wind from Ian Worrel on Vimeo.


I went looking for octopus paralarvae last week with a post doc who is also interested in cephalopods. We went out on the leeward side, to about a depth of 50m, and put lights in the water to attract them. Most octopods lay eggs and aerate them until they begin to hatch. Once they hatch, they look like little baby octopus and are likely delicious snacks for any predators. With the particular species I study, it is presumed that the octopus larvae will float among the zooplankton (usually made up of larvae of both invertebrates and vertebrates) at night to feed, and settle down to the bottom to hide from predators during the day. When we put the lights out at night, it triggers the phototrophic response (the octopus thinks it is day), and the small octopus will attach to whatever is closest for shelter from predators. Conceivably, we are supposed to be able to find hundreds of them, however, we found only one. We were very excited though :) Here is a picture of my cute little guy (actually not sure if it is male or female). I am raising him and hope he will reach maturity after he metamorphoses to have many more chromatophores and a sexually developed arm.

This past Saturday, I went on a field trip with my Marine Ecology class to look at sea grass beds and sand flats. We found an algae eating crab (not going to pinch anyone) and several more of those photosynthetic slugs.

One of my octopods recently perished at the hands of a turkey sandwich :( Someone decided to feed him and I am down to one now. I am going to look for more on Friday. Keep your fingers crossed.

Also, I will hopefully be having my first committee meeting soon, which will either mean the end of my career as a PhD student, or the beginning. Fingers crossed again...

Also, just found out today that to get my external hard drive fixed and recover all of my photos, papers, and resources, it is going to cost $2400. Seriously. So, that's it. All of those memories gone. Zanzibar, college, Finland, South Africa, Kyrgyzstan, family, friends, all the things that make up a life... ugh. I've learned my lesson I suppose. Never again will I put things on my external hard drive that I care about.

Time for bed. I have a paper I need to work on tomorrow and need sleep...

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