Saturday, January 26, 2013

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Back By Popular Demand

Ok, Vanessa, this post is for you :)

When I came back from my short Christmas vacation (which was lovely), the shark lab was having a fish print party!  Fish prints are traditionally Japanese but they are also very popular art forms in Hawaii.  Hawaii, of course, has quite a lot of Asian influence.  The idea is that you take a fish (or octopus as the case may be) and coat it in paint.  You can paint it any color you want and people often paint them very elaborately, making sure to highlight fins and eyes.  Then, you use the fish as a stamp that you place on paper or a t-shirt.

I went for a while and made my own little octopus shirt.  They were using some of my "left-over" octopuses.  When the octopuses die, I put them in the freezer for the shark lab to use for bait, but this time they had used them for fish prints.  I was very impressed by the other prints made by the lab. I will try to get some more pictures.  This was my first attempt.

I have been out tako hunting again.  I am actually doing experiments right now as I am typing this.  I caught an unprecedented number of teeny tiny octopuses! I think it may be the new spot that I have been going to hunt.  Also, I have a new helper (Steven) who is especially adept at catching baby octopuses.  Here's one of the cutest ones chillin on my finger.